Affiliate Disclaimer

First and foremost, you are under no obligation to follow any affiliate links I post. Shop around, find a good price, go directly to shops, venues, authors and bands etc… I do!

Any Amazon link I may post is an affiliate link. I am part of the Amazon Affiliate program.

Ionos is my service provider and they offer incentives to users to place links to their services. Any links to them on here may be to my benefit somewhat.

Any links going directly to an artist/author/whatever site are likely not to be affiliate links, however, occasionally I do link to friends who send out review items or give me sneak peeks at things so I can and have benefited in this way (rather than any monetary way) from promoting certain products.  I like to promote my friends, whether I benefit or not.

Sometimes I just post handy links because I think something is a bargain, or it’s a link for tickets to an event etc… The only benefit I get from this is the warm, fuzzy feeling that I may have helped someone find something they wanted.

Thanks for reading!