Catching Up

I had prepared a much lengthier catch-up post, but however I wrote it, it felt…uncomfortable.

We have all been touched by the events of the pandemic. It has touched friends, family, family of friends, friends of family and friends of friends, and it feels wrong to dwell too much on the suffering.

The lockdown forced a lot of personal issues to the fore. I have stopped drinking which led to the astonishing revelation of just how much I was using to mask other things. I have battled anger issues that had involved some self-inflicted injuries and nearly every day seems to be a really long anxiety attack of varying degrees. The main thing is that I am finally in a much better place than I was before all this started. It’s not been easy, it still isn’t, and I’m grateful for the patience of my family and loved ones as I dealt with the self-loathing etc…

At the end of the original lengthy post I had written – “TL: DR – I felt like I wasn’t worthy of existing, I made changes and I feel a bit better but it’s a work in progress.” This does pretty much sum it up.

Moving on I hope to get back into the swing of making more frequent posts here.

Thanks for reading.

Author: A-M