Five Best Things About My Ham The Dragonpillar Plush From Cindacry

Backing my friend Beth’s Kickstarter for a plush toy version of her original character, Ham the Dragonpillar was very much a no brainer. I love Ham. After delays due to covid and blocked canals, I was able to take home my very own Ham plushie earlier this month!

So here – in no particular order are the five best things about this cuddly, magical creature!

1 – Attention to detail! My goodness, the embroidery, the neck rolls, the paws, the freckles, the ears, the body markings! All wonderful!

2 – Ham’s magnetic paws! I find this charming and play with them all the time.

3 – Ham’s crinkly bits! His wing and antennae make such a satisfying sound!

4 – Ham’s fluffy belly! So so very tactile!!

5 – Adoption certificate to prove Ham is mine all mine, and I am worthy to be Ham’s owner!

You can find out all about Ham at Beth’s website and you can buy lots of things featuring her other wonderful characters and artwork at her Etsy shop – here.

And finally, some bonus photos because Ham is just THAT adorable!!

Author: A-M