Five Things Always In My Bag

For the sake of this post I am going to take phone, purse and keys as a given. 

So, in no particular order…

1 – Portable Phone Charger. We do so much on our phones these days and I spend an awful lot of time on trains to and from work, so a portable charger is super handy. It’s always useful to have some back up power in case of emergencies.  I mean, there’s not a lot of phone boxes around these days so it’s important to have enough charge in your mobile.

2 – Head/earphones. I struggle with being on public transport without being able to plug into my mp3 player and tune out the general hubbub of my fellow passengers. It helps with my anxiety, a lot, so more often than not there’s a spare pair in my bag too. 

3 – Notebook and pen.  So many notes to hastily scribble and so little time! Handy for when you need to jot down something you need to remember later or if inspiration strikes while you are on the train. (I really do spend a lot of time on trains or at stations with little to do.

4 – Hand Sanitiser.  Even before the pandemic I was prone to carrying around a little bottle of hand sanitiser, especially experiencing the state of some public toilets out there! 

5 – Kindle. I love my books, but I hate that they often get creased up in bags, or when they are just too big and impractical to read on the train home. This is why I love having a kindle. I can carry a small library around with mead read wherever I am if I have a little time to kill. I think that e-readers (or e-books) are much easier on the eye than reading on your phone or tablet. It’s nice to get away from back lit screens and there aren’t any annoying notifications to interrupt your concentration. 

Author: A-M