Five Things I’m Looking Forward To In 2022

In no particular order…

1 – International Pop Overthrow Liverpool.  It’s been too long since the last one. It was May 2019 that we last gathered to celebrate all things Power Pop and to hang out. I can’t wait to reunite with the IPO tribe. I have a countdown to the 2022 event on my phone, there’s a lot of catching up to be done. 

2 – Other Music Events. I have tickets for concerts postponed from 2020. Nearly all of them were rescheduled to 2022 in the end. Those that didn’t were missed as i just wasn’t ready. The first gig I have a ticket for is in March so fingers crossed things have improved enough that I am happy to go long. 

3 – Days Out. I have a note book filled with research into days out for myself and Stuart to go on. Various things prevented us from getting out as much as we should have done in 2021, so hopefully we’ll be able to make up or that in 2022. 

4 – Making Things. My mental state didn’t really allow me to utilise all the free time I suddenly had I 2020 and early 2021, so I didn’t make very much. However it appears that I am buzzing with ideas for jewellery for my etsy shop, so hopefully once Christmas is out of the way I will sort out making more things. 

5 – Turning 50. I reach my half century later in 2022. I have no plans, but I doubt there will be a party of anything as I would prefer to go somewhere away from it all and quietly get older, much like when I buggered off to Scotland for my 40th. 

Author: A-M