Some Words On Nez

(Taken from my Facebook, sorry for the repetition) 

Like George Harrison, Nez has been the soundtrack of my life for longer than I care to remember. The Monkees and Nez are responsible for so many memories, so many friendships, so much love and kinship in my life. They are inescapably linked to my life online too, from to the original Monkees list and onward to today where I have friends I made nearly a quarter of a century ago here on social media.

There are Nez songs that have got me through shitty times and there are Nez songs that will remind me of  amazing times, and all points in between. He is linked to acts of kindness, he has moved me to tears and made me howl with laughter, he crosses from music fandom to my love of Douglas Adams, and so much more.

I am so very sad that he has gone, but philosophical too. Perhaps he had done all that was needed and it was simply time to move along to the next thing on his list.  My heart goes out to his family and close friends for they have lost a real person, someone who was tangible in their lives. And I mourn with the fans as we have lost this intangible thing, this essence that flavoured our lives. And seasoned it with songs that will continue to soar in our souls and live in our hearts.

I wrote the above in the morning after the news broke, and it feels like it has been slowly sinking in ever since then. The sadness deepens with every song I revisit. Nez really did get me through some tough times, the music still does and always will. 

“I’ll just mosey on, thanks for the ride…” 

Photo (c) Stephen Bailey (used with permission)

Author: A-M