Weekdays Vs Weekends

I work during the week so there’s really no competition and weekends win hands down.

However, weekdays do have a few pros – I am lucky enough to see my boyfriend every morning as he sells me my train tickets to get to work (yes that’s how we met!) And then there’s the joy of looking forward to leaving work at the end of each day!

Other than that, weekdays are currently much of a muchness. We rely on tourists and even without a worldwide pandemic, this would be our quiet time. Also due to how the times of train fall my commute ends up being a long one, with a lengthy wait at the station after work, so I basically get up, go to work, go home, eat, go to bed.

Weekends also used to be pretty much of a muchness, particularly when I would be doing every other Saturday in work. Nowadays they are a bit more special as most weekends I now go to my boyfriend’s right after I get off the train on Friday night and stay there till Sunday evening. As it’s Winter we currently mostly stay in watching movies and order take out while we exist in our own little bubble away from the outside world for a while. Bliss!

Author: A-M