A Day Out In Llandudno


Just before we were asked to go back to minimising travel in and out of the local area, 

Stuart and I managed to get out into the sunshine for a lovely day in Llandudno. 




We went to check out the Alice in Wonderland statues. We managed four out of the six wooden statues and spotted a fobwatch garden arrangement too (that told the right time!)  






































Gloria and Steve from Beatles Days were in town for their regular Llandudno Record fare. It was really lovely to see a couple of different (and very friendly) faces after so long. 










It was National Fish and Chips Day apparently, so naturally, we had sausage and chips. The chips were great, it was a small chippy near the Queen of Hearts statue called Nana’s Chippy or something like that.











While wandering around we spotted some of Mike Badger’s artwork too, which was pretty cool. 









We took a walk along the pier before we headed back for the trains homeward, it was a bit crowded in places but on the whole between that, and the slightly busy public transport in places I think I did pretty well keeping the anxiety in check for the day and was able to really enjoy it. 

Author: A-M