Two Years On…

Two years ago we went into lockdown, but not before I had already set off…

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My First Concert Since 2019!!

Despite a rather annoying bout of anxiety, last night I managed to attend my first…

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Paying It Forward With A Blatant Plug for Film Stories

First, the prologue – On the 19th March 2020 I felt as though I was…

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Five Monkees Rainbow Room Videos

I’ve been on a Monkees kick since Tuesday (actually technically since the mid 80s) so…

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“Oh What A Night” Seeing the Monkees 25 Years Ago

25 years ago tonight I saw all four Monkees performing live at the Arena in…

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Five Douglas Adams Quotes

Douglas Adams should have been 70 today. It was super hard to narrow this list…

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Lack of Post And Other Bloggings

Last week was the first week I have missed posting between Five For Friday posts….

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Five Most Viewed Items In My Etsy Shop Last Month

This time they are actually in order. Strawberry Fields Forever Inspired Necklace Googly Eyes Necklaces…

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Five George Harrison Videos for his Birthday

In no particular order –

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Allowing The Happy To Happen

One of the oddest things I find myself having to come to terms with over…

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