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My “To Be Read” Pile

Recently I’ve started making more time to read. Over the years, I fell out of…

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Keeping a Journal

I attempt to keep a journal. Sometimes I do it well and write every day,…

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Tea or Coffee

I am a coffee drinker. Not even fancy coffee either. Instant coffee, sugar, milk. Occasionally…

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Hey I got interviewed!

My love friend Ellie Fearn interviewed me for a series of posts on her blog….

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Where Do I Write?

I don’t currently have a designated writing space but I hope to sort something out…

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Why Do I Have A Blog?

That seems like a fair question given how much I neglect both this personal blog…

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International Pop Overthrow Liverpool

It’s that time of year again. International Pop Overthrow Liverpool began today. I get there…

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Tickets Please!

Ticket buying shouldn’t be so traumatic. But it is. This morning I spent two hours…

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State of Mind

It’s Mental Health Awareness week so it seems like a good time for a catch-up….

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Time Lapsed Walk To The Station After Work

I’ll get the hang of Tiktok one day. Today is not that day!

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