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International Pop Overthrow Liverpool

It’s that time of year again. International Pop Overthrow Liverpool began today. I get there…

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Tickets Please!

Ticket buying shouldn’t be so traumatic. But it is. This morning I spent two hours…

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State of Mind

It’s Mental Health Awareness week so it seems like a good time for a catch-up….

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Time Lapsed Walk To The Station After Work

I’ll get the hang of Tiktok one day. Today is not that day!

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My Space Pirate

The figure above is called Captain Harlock. I bought him as a child while on…

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Promoting The Other Half’s YouTube Channel

This post is a blatant plug for my other half’s YouTube channel. He’s a Motobike…

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Trying To Blog With A Cat

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So…I’m on TikTok

I have no idea what I am doing but I am on TikTok. I currently…

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Reading Challenge Update

After several weeks of just not being able to concentrate enough to read properly, the…

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I have spent far too long trying to determine the type of posts I should…

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